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Our partners

The values and credentials of a company is also recognised by the prestige of its relationships. ECOSISM Ltd. has forged partnerships with many associations, universities, research centers and certification bodies.

Among them, the ISI – Italian Earthquake Engineering which is the leading association which unites, represents and coordinates the stakeholders of this sector in Italy by organising outreach activities, by communicating with official bodies, institutions and standards bodies, with the academic and scientific  community and industry professionals.



Ecosism® Srl is registered to the ISI as a supporting member. The ISI, Italian Seismic Engineering, is an association that promotes and represents the italian stakeholders in this branch. Its mission is to involve the various Italian players working in the field of Earthquake Engineering and turn them into a dynamic group to represent and promote the sector. It organizes dissemination activities, by communicating with official and standard bodies, the institutions, the academic and scientific community, the industry and with professionals.


The CasaClima Agency is an instrumental body of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. It was founded to carry out the mandatory energy certification of buildings in South Tyrol. Also taking into account the remaining national territory, where CasaClima is used as a voluntary quality protocol, since 2002 it has delivered over 8,000 tags. The CasaClima Agency offers a wide range of training courses for all players in the construction sector. It organizes and promotes multiple citizen awareness initiatives in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, construction quality and climate protection.


From 2015 ECOSISM Ltd. adheres all'ANIT, National Association for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, which is aimed at the dissemination, promotion and development of thermal and acoustic insulation to protect the environment and the welfare of the people in the building and industrial sectors. ANIT spread the correct information about Thermal and acoustic insulation; promotes the technical and regulatory knowledge by participating in the activities of the committees and working groups in this sector; it establish a joint center to improve relations between them and organizes working groups where members can exchange ideas; it ensures communications with Italians and foreign personalities and organizations interested in thermal and acoustic insulation.



The Ecosism® technology has been certified by the certification body IMQ CSQ according to ISO 9001: 2015 regulation.


ISO 14021: 2016 certification of 09.29.2020. CONTENT OF RECYCLED / RECOVERED / BY-PRODUCT MATERIAL


The Institute for Construction Technologies (ITC) is a scientific facility of the National Research Council (CNR), which operates mainly in the civil engineering sector.

Istituto Giordano Spa

Istituto Giordano is a technical organisation at the forefront on product testing, certification, research, design and training since 1959. The Istituto Giordano's Mission is to promote quality within the industry, offering high-added-value services and assisting business with all conformity and compliance requirements.


University of Padua

Department of civil, building, environmental engineering. The Department aims to be one of the italian leading research institutions of civil, building and environment engineering, with particular attention to interdisciplinary aspects and applications even in different areas than traditional engineering. Ecosism has signed an agreement with the Department for the research and development of the Seismic Coating System.


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