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Think of the future that awaits you, think about what you can do, and do not fear anything.
Rita Levi Montalcini

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We translate our values in our creations

June 2018

Villa – Albarella di Rosolina (RO)

Villa – Albarella di Rosolina (RO) Read more
April 2017

Ville – Abano Terme (PD)

Ville – Abano Terme (PD) Read more
June 2013

Primary School – Dueville (VI)

Primary School – Dueville (VI) Read more
October 2014

Residential complex – Ossona (MI)

Residential complex – Ossona (MI) Read more
July 2013

Victorian villa – London

Victorian villa – London Read more
September 2015

Villa – Soave (VR)

Villa – Soave (VR) Read more
October 2016

Hotel- Marina di Pietrasanta (LU)

Hotel- Marina di Pietrasanta (LU) Read more
June 2016

Primary School – Legnaro (PD)

Primary School – Legnaro (PD) Read more
October 2015

Barn reconstruction – Modena

Barn reconstruction – Modena Read more
September 2014

Demolition and reconstruction – Aosta

Demolition and reconstruction – Aosta Read more
July 2014

Demolition and reconstruction of a building in the center of Padua

Demolition and reconstruction of a building in the center of Padua Read more
March 2013

Business center – Loreggia (PD)

Business center – Loreggia (PD) Read more
September 2013

Bi-Villa – Mestre (VE)

Bi-Villa – Mestre (VE) Read more
October 2012

Residential development – Livorno

Residential development – Livorno Read more
November 2015

Residential building – Arco (TN)

Residential building – Arco (TN) Read more
December 2012

Housing Development – Marina di Pisa

Housing Development – Marina di Pisa Read more
October 2009

Family villa – Fossò (VE)

Family villa – Fossò (VE) Read more

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