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ECOSOLAIO® TOP is a prefabricated panel for pre-insulated floors, formed by concrete joists (reinforced with steel bars), precasted inside the base plate (made in high density expanded polystyrene). When spaced at appropriate intervals between lightening elements in polystyrene foam, these panels are the best response to the need for a better thermal insulation of floors without increasing the thickness and for a significant decrease in building weight.

ECOSISM chose this type of flooring because, compared to the traditional flooring made with hollow bricks or slabs, they are lightweight, large and easy- handling prefabricated units.

The creation of this new product responds to the need for lightweight buildings with maximum, continuous and permanent thermal insulation.

The ECOSOLAIO® TOP is the evolution of the traditional beam-and-slab flooring available on the market. The great advantage of the ECOSOLAIO® TOP is the significant reduction in floor weight, which reduces the need for as much iron to reinforce the beams, the pillars and foundations. Furthermore, the effect of seismic load decreases as this is related to the total weight of a building. The ECOSOLAIO® TOP is custom made so that it can be applied to any project

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  • Decrease the weight of the floor
  • Reduction of the reinforcement required
  • Fast on-site installation
  • Semi self-supporting in transitional phase
  • Ease of handling
  • Proper positioning of the tools is guaranteed
  • Maximum thermal insulation, continuous and permanent
  • Elimination of thermal bridges


Handling, on site storage and installation of ECOSOLAIO TOP® must be carried out carefully following the procedures indicated in the instruction manual, which contains information on assembly diagrams, the temporary timbering wheelbase and supplementary tools.



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