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In order to meet the legislative decree D.L. December 29, 2006, n ° 311 “corrective and supplementary provisions to D.L. No. 192 of 19/02/05 implementing the European Directive 2002/91 / EC on the energy performance of buildings (Official Gazette No. 26 of 01/02/2007), we developed new technological initiatives and created ECOSOLAIO®.

The advantage in building decks with this technology, compared to traditional slabs, is that we are able to make custom size prefabricated elements that are easy to handle and are low in weight; which is ideal for use in seismic zones.

ECOSOLAIO® comes from ongoing research into the optimisation of flooring building components and especially targets problems related to the thermal insulation of the building envelope.

Our insulated board consists of an EPS base (high-density expanded polystyrene) within which the joists are made from concrete, reinforced welded trestles and additional reinforcement B450C that meet the flow requirements established by the structure’s designer.

These joists are spaced at an appropriate distance in order to add polystyrene lightening elements.

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  • Elimination of thermal bridges
  • Lightweight for maximum ease of handling
  • Minimal weight for ease of laying operations
  • Semi-self supporting in transitional phase
  • Earthquake-proof
  • Easy finishing of the soffit –im not sure was Soffit is
  • Preparation of 40 cm spaced metal uprights for drywall installation
  • Preparation of the slats for wood matchboard installation
  • Maximum variability in thickness
  • Maximum variability in concrete cover; up to 4.5 cm
  • Support rebar integrated within the form by the manufacturer.
  • No weight limit


Handling and on site storage and installation of the ECOSOLAIO® system must be carried out carefully following the procedures indicated in the instruction manual, which contains assembly diagrams, the temporary timbering wheelbase and supplementary tools.



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